Paulo Rizzatto


Born in Milan in 1941, Paulo Rizzatto came to prominence in one of the most exciting periods in Italy's design history. After graduating from Milan Polytechnic in 1965 Rizzato worked as a prominent architect before discovering a passion for lighting design. His innovative approach to metal, and his engineering skill quickly made him an in-demand designer. To capitalise on this he founded the lighting company Luceplan in 1978. Rizzatto's design practice draws heavily from the elaborate flourishes of classical Italian design, as well as emerging Scandinavian and modernist movements. This hybrid style has had a lasting impact on Italian and global design. He continues to design, teach and publish his insights into architecture and the design process.

"The entire world of mediterranean art and architecture, from the Greeks to the Italian Renaissance, has been my master. I have a direct relationship with it."



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