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Picking the Perfect Spring Piece

Picking the perfect spring piece

What does Spring mean to you? Just another season sitting amiably between the chill of frosty winter and the heat of a spectacular blazing summer? Or does it have deeper connotations? Perhaps you liken it to a new start? The chance to blow away those cobwebs and begin again? Spring certainly brings new life to the world – blossom begins to flourish on trees, fresh green shoots drive their way through stubborn soil and nature welcomes a season of rebirth. Can this all have an impact on us? Does Spring make us want to join with nature and shed our winter coats in favour of a lighter, scantier option? It’s tempting, whilst winter is comforting and cosy it can leave us feeling lethargic and almost heavy, as we retreat inwards and seek solace in our home comforts.

Reinvent your style with our 2018 collection

Reinvent your style with our 2018 collection

Getting a bit bored of your boudoir? Feeling lacklustre about your lounge or is your dining room looking dowdy? Maybe it’s time to spruce up your home and add a little bravura. You don’t have to knock down walls or build an extension to change the look of your home, a mini-makeover can be very effective if carried out in the right way. Cast a critical eye around your home, what can you do to make it look more welcoming?

Away the Cobwebs – Spring Is Here

Away the cobwebs – spring is here

Are you a bit of a clean queen? Like to spend your days scrubbing and mopping like your life depends on it? With the ever increasing “home improvement” style shows on TV sucking up the air time, we are being exposed to celebrities (and wannabe celebrities) advocating the virtues of a beautiful home. Although we are not sure how many of them actually don their own rubber gloves for a spot of deep down toilet cleaning - we suspect more than a handful rely on a little bit of paid “domestic help.” 

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